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Train your trade, train your eyes


Op vrijdag 22 februari organiseert Trainyourtrade een seminar  : Masterclass training:  Count – Read – Trade the Price Tijdens dit seminar leert U de techniek die er nodig is om te handelen op diverse  financiële markten zoals  Forex – Indices – Olie – Goud – Aandelen. U leert de 5 bouwstenen toe te passen op…
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Train your trade, train your eyes

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Trading with of without indicators, we will tell you our story. , Like the video or subscribe our channel Team Trainyourtrade

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Trainyourtrade – Win a free masterclass

Are you active on the forex market or do you trade in shares? We can help you to learn our strategy. When you sign up for our newsletter, you can win a free master class. We will then explain to you our strategy and in this way hope to provide you with a good basis…
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How to make money with forex?

How does the Forex market work? The Forex market is not regulated: Forex is about trading in currencies. There is no Forex stock exchange building and there is no central location where the currencies are sold. The Forex market is always open: money has to be tradable at any time. Individuals can trade in Forex…
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Forex – What is this?

The term Forex is increasingly being used in all kinds of advertising campaigns, and that is not surprising because it is a booming business! Forex is full for FOReign EXchange and is also called currency trading in Dutch; however, the trade is a lot more extensive than you might think at the moment when you…
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