Forex – What is this?

Forex – What is this?, train your eyes at the forex market

The term Forex is increasingly being used in all kinds of advertising campaigns, and that is not surprising because it is a booming business! Forex is full for FOReign EXchange and is also called currency trading in Dutch; however, the trade is a lot more extensive than you might think at the moment when you exchange money at a foreign exchange on holiday.


With Forex, however, this trade in currencies is not meant: it involves much larger transactions. Traders or handlers open large positions where they exchange one currency for another currency where this position is often closed the same day.

However, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to invest in Forex: the losses and profits are actually settled live, the purchased or sold currencies do not have to be delivered afterwards. The difference between the moment of opening and closing determines your final profit.

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